A Blizzard and a Rope

I am told there are blizzards so severe in the Midwest and parts of Canada, that farmers are warned to tie a rope from the back door of their house to their barn in order to find their way home.  Tragically, farmers have reportedly died in their own back yards, wandering in circles in extremely blinding conditions, unable to find their way back home.  It’s a truly horrendous thought to imagine such an ending…so near to the doorstep, yet without direction.

I can’t help but wonder, metaphorically speaking, about the ropes we fail to tie to our own back doors.  When blinding storms come into our lives, have we made adequate plans to find our way back to our source?

Person of the Week | Catherine Opie, Photographer


Untitled #9 (Icehouses), 2001, chromogenic print, courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles


Untitled #3 (Icehouses), 2001, chromogenic print, 40 x 50″, edition of 5, courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles


Untitled #11 (Icehouses), 2001, courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles