Liability as Asset

I know a business that turned a significant liability into an asset. The business is a bakery, and although they’re tucked behind a pizza restaurant, not even visible from the street, they’ve capitalized on their location with one brilliant move. The name: Hideaway Bakery. Pay them a visit if you’re in Eugene, Oregon. Artist of the […]

Wrestling with Waste

It occurred to me today that on so many levels, in every aspect of my life, I am wrestling with how not to create waste wherever I see it. In so doing, however, I run the risk of being penny wise and pound foolish, in addition to becoming less effective. Now I don’t mean to suggest that […]

Borrowed Beauty

Think back to a time when you needed something: maybe you needed beauty, in some measure. It could’ve been a time of pain, a time of isolation, or a time of uncertainty. I’m looking at a hibiscus flower I brought in from our back yard. There’s something about its beauty that charms, suspends, and even lends direction […]

It’s Not About What You Like

I wouldn’t say I like Miles Davis’ music…not yet, anyhow. Today I am listening to his, “The Birth of the Cool”, not because I like it, but because I have the opportunity to hear it. Hearing in general is a privilege, after all, and listening to music happens to be something human beings can do while working on other […]