Borrowed Beauty

Think back to a time when you needed something: maybe you needed beauty, in some measure. It could’ve been a time of pain, a time of isolation, or a time of uncertainty.

I’m looking at a hibiscus flower I brought in from our back yard. There’s something about its beauty that charms, suspends, and even lends direction to a moment, (whether a positive or negative moment). Borrowing beauty means obtaining something lofty while in a low place, obtaining something noble while in a humble place, and remembering something worthy while in a seemingly worthless moment.

Isn’t it fair to say such a borrowed moment is capable of changing not only the recent past (by reshaping the present), but is capable of changing all of history itself? If beauty (and with it, goodness) can redeem and reshape an otherwise meaningless moment, whey can’t they also (in greater quantities) redeem the entire world?


Artist of the Week | Kenne Gregoire, Painter

Kenne Gregoire