To Thrive or To Die

I just stepped out of a dirty, moderately inoperable automobile. It belongs to me. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being “great”, I rank myself a three on car-maintenance. In the end, it seems you really cause all things in your life to have one of two results: to thrive or to […]

A Steady Lean

My pet, Bertrand, spent a good 10 minutes on my lap this morning. He didn’t posture himself to improve his appearance, and he didn’t apologize for any aspect of the situation. He was a resolute recipient of my kindness. This love was given freely, and he took it without apology. How often do you receive unconditional love for all […]

Mature in Years

Reading the Wikipedia article of a relatively well-known actor, I noticed a line about an incident that occurred near the end of his life. After 45 years of marriage to his first wife, over 100 films, a series of significant television roles and 10 years of marriage to his second wife, he was arrested in Los Angeles […]

A Blizzard and a Rope

I am told there are blizzards so severe in the Midwest and parts of Canada, that farmers are warned to tie a rope from the back door of their house to their barn in order to find their way home.  Tragically, farmers have reportedly died in their own back yards, wandering in circles in extremely blinding conditions, unable to […]