Health: An Imperative

Do you have a healthy view of the word “healthy”?  I don’t.  Typically when I think of a “healthy” option, a “healthy” state of mind, or a “healthy” balance, I am aware of health’s virtues but also the boredom associated with it all.  From flavorless foods to unexciting and unmotivating routines, “health” itself seems more […]

The Secret of Life

“The secret of life is pursuing one thing.” – Curly, City Slickers, 1991 The artist below, Leonard Knight, is that rare kind of individual who pursued one thing–that is, one project–for most of his life. Upon meeting him, one can’t help but sense a joy that resolutely proves Curly’s statement. Mr. Knight built his beloved “Salvation […]

Cost Escalation

I am mindful this week of the high price of delayed actions. It seems that damage doesn’t just add up, it multiplies. I recently read an inspection report of a Lincoln Heights home suffering from decades of neglect. It was overwhelming.  I can only imagine how comparatively little it would’ve cost, in time and money, for […]

The Year of Limits

“Immaturity can last a lifetime.” -Robert Half 2014 is to be my year of limits. With a seemingly infinite number of options available, from types of peanut butter to career pathways, it is crippling to make a decision where no limits exist.  My heroes have gradually become those who think little of heroism–the farmers and […]