Cost Escalation

I am mindful this week of the high price of delayed actions.

It seems that damage doesn’t just add up, it multiplies. I recently read an inspection report of a Lincoln Heights home suffering from decades of neglect. It was overwhelming.  I can only imagine how comparatively little it would’ve cost, in time and money, for a watchful owner to tend to a leak here or a patch there.  A small leak becomes an entire section of water damaged floor.

Much good may come from seizing the moment, so may I not let the manageable multiply to the unmanageable.  In what ways are we waiting to care for something in need of attention?  What is the cost of each week of waiting?


Person of the Week:  Daniel Shea, Visual Artist

A favorite image of mine:


From the series: Daylight, 40″ x 50″, 2012

From the series: Coal Work


Slurry, 2007



Coal Pile, 2007


Daniel Shea

Gavin Power Plant Ash Pond, 2010