Health: An Imperative

Do you have a healthy view of the word “healthy”?  I don’t. 

Typically when I think of a “healthy” option, a “healthy” state of mind, or a “healthy” balance, I am aware of health’s virtues but also the boredom associated with it all.  From flavorless foods to unexciting and unmotivating routines, “health” itself seems more like a lay-up than a slam dunk.  If healthiness means playing it safe, sticking to the instructions…punting on 4th and 1, I’m not sure I want it.  When I read “no added flavors”, I’m thinking what you’re thinking: “well, that’s too bad.”

That is, until I discovered something.

Imagine someone growing up their entire life believing something untrue.  Imagine that the picture painted for you about some aspect of your life, or the life of another, is entirely wrong.  Large or small, it might be a topic or even a person that has been ruined for you–from God to gardening.  Because of someone else’s own unhealthy view, you’ve tasted an entirely wrong flavor, and you’re convinced it’s not for you.  Even worse: you’ve tasted something very close to the real thing, but that main ingredient was missing, so now you’re certain you’ve been there, tried that, and all the while you never did.  Herein lies the imperative of health, and we’ve got to pursue it.

The dictionary defines health in one case in the negative: as something “not stricken with disease”.  Disease may seem far from you, but are you sure you’re living with the whole story–the healthy version (of you, of them, of her or him)?  We love stories where healing takes place, where the truth of a matter is allowed to come forth, when the unaware become aware.  That is real health, and my passion for it is altogether renewed.

Person of the Week: Luca Iaconi-Stewart, Architect of the Unimaginable

Over the past five years, Luca Iaconi-Stewart has built an insanely detailed model of a Boeing-777 airplane, entirely out of manila folders. In an interview with Wired Magazine, he stated he even dropped out of school to concentrate on building it. The aircraft is built from 1:60 scale detailed diagram of an Air India 777-300 ER plane, printed and cut by hand.

All images below copyright Luca Iaconi-Stewart


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