To Thrive or To Die

I just stepped out of a dirty, moderately inoperable automobile. It belongs to me. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being “great”, I rank myself a three on car-maintenance.

In the end, it seems you really cause all things in your life to have one of two results: to thrive or to die.

The home you live in, the relationships you keep, and the material goods that surround you–whether big or small–are moving toward one direction or another. They’re being revitalized, organized, cared for and cleaned, or they’re deteriorating, languishing, and headed toward deterioration.

Person of the Week | Gregory Michael Hernandez | Visual Artist

Below: Replica of the Opto-Isolator | March 2012
Exhibited at Roberts & Tilton for the group show “In The Making”




Below: selections from


December 2012
An online exhibition:



DSC_8763-rs DSC_8775-rs

Gregory Michael Hernandez
Gregory Michael Hernandez, “The Opto-Isolator”